Book Review Index

This index is arranged alphabetically by author's last name, with titles listed in order of publication date. Award winning books have been marked as follows:

☆ = Newbery Medal
★ = Newbery Honor
✪ = Carnegie Medal (UK)

Specific types of reviews have also been marked. F is for Fumbling Through Fantasy, which is my ongoing effort to become better at reading fantasy novels. H is for Reading Through History, which began as a year-long project reading historical fiction novels in chronological order by setting and is now the heading associated with all of my reviews of historical books, both fiction and nonfiction.

Last updated 7/12/22.

Aiken, Joan
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (1962) F

Alexander, Kwame
The Crossover (2014)  
Solo (2017), with Mary Rand Hess

Almond, David
Skellig (1998) ✪ F

Altebrando, Tara
The Battle of Darcy Lane (2014)
My Life in Dioramas (2015)

Alter, Anna
Sprout Street Neighbors: Five Stories (2015) F

Applegate, Katherine
The One and Only Ivan (2012) ☆F

Arthur, Ruth
The Autumn People (1973) F

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (1990)  H
Crispin: The Cross of Lead (2002) ☆ H

Ayme, Marcel
The Wonderful Farm (1951) F

Babbitt, Natalie
The Search for Delicious (1969) F
Barking with the Big Dogs (2018)

Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin
Miss Hickory (1946)  F

Baker, Charlotte
The Green Poodles (1956) 

Banks, Lynne Reid
The Indian in the Cupboard (1980) F
Tiger, Tiger (2004) H

Barnes, Nancy
The Wonderful Year (1946) ★ H

Barnhill, Kelly

Bates, Betty
Thatcher Payne-in-the-Neck (1985)

Bauer, Joan
Squashed (1992)
Hope Was Here (2000) ★
Tell Me (2014)
Soar (2016)

Bauer, Marion Dane
On My Honor (1986) ★
Sunshine (2021)

Baum, L. Frank
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) F

Beatty, Patricia
The Nickel-Plated Beauty (1964) H

Becker, Aaron
Journey (2013)
Quest (2014)
Return (2016)

Bellairs, John
The House with a Clock in its Walls (1973) F

Bemelmans, Ludwig
The Golden Basket (1936)

Benet, Rosemary and Stephen Vincent
A Book of Americans (1933) H

Bennett, Anna Elizabeth
Little Witch (1953) F

Berry, Erick

Bianco, Margery Williams
The Good Friends (1934) F
Winterbound (1936) ★

Bird, Betsy

Birdsall, Jeanne
The Penderwicks at Point Mouette (2011)
The Penderwicks in Spring (2015)
The Penderwicks at Last (2018)

Bishop, Claire Huchet
All Alone (1953) ★

Blackwood, Gary
The Shakespeare Stealer (1998) H

Blos, Joan W.
A Gathering of Days (1979) ☆ H

Blume, Judy
Blubber (1974)
Just As Long As We're Together (1986)

Bond, Rebecca
Escape from Baxters' Barn (2015) F

Bond, Nancy
The Best of Enemies (1978)
The Love of Friends (1997)

Bonsall, Crosby
The Goodbye Summer (1979)

Bowen, Fred
Double Reverse (2014)
Out of Bounds (2015)
Lucky Enough (2018)
The Soccer Trophy Mystery (2021)

Bradbury, Ray
Something Wicked This Way Comes (1962) F

Brink, Carol Ryrie
Caddie Woodlawn (1935) ☆ H
Baby Island (1937) 
Family Grandstand (1952)

Brock, Betty
No Flying in the House (1970) F

Bruchac, Joseph
Children of the Longhouse (1996) H

Buff, Mary and Conrad
Magic Maize (1953) ★ H

Bulla, Clyde Robert
The Sword in the Tree (1956) H

Burch, Robert
D.J.'s Worst Enemy (1965) H
Queenie Peavy (1966) H

Burgess, Thornton

Burglon, Nora
Sticks Across the Chimney (1938)

Burnett, Frances Hodgson
The Racketty-Packetty House (1906) F

Burton, Virginia Lee
Life Story (1962)

Butler, Suzanne
Starlight in Tourrone (1965)

Butterworth, Oliver
The Enormous Egg (1956) F
The Trouble with Jenny's Ear (1960) F

Byars, Betsy
Clementine (1962) F
The Summer of the Swans (1970) ☆
The 18th Emergency (1973)
After the Goat Man (1974)
The Pinballs (1977)
The Cartoonist (1978)
Goodbye, Chicken Little (1979)
Beans on the Roof (1988)
Wanted: Mud Blossom (1991)
The Dark Stairs (1994)
Tarot Says Beware (1995)
Dead Letter (1996)
Death's Door (1997)
Disappearing Acts (1998)
King of Murder (2006)
The Black Tower (2006)

Calhoun, Mary
Katie John (1960)
Depend on Katie John (1961)

Cameron, Ann
The Stories Julian Tells (1981)

Carbone, Elisa
Blood on the River (2006) H

Card, Orson Scott
Ender's Game (1985)

Carlson, Natalie Savage
The Happy Orpheline (1957)

Catholic Teen Books
Treasures: Visible and Invisible (2021)

Caudill, Rebecca
Happy Little Family (1947)
Did You Carry the Flag Today, Charley? (1966)

Chase, Paula
So Done (2018)
Dough Boys (2019)

Cheng, Andrea
The Year of the Book (2012)
The Year of the Baby (2013)
The Year of the Fortune Cookie (2014)
The Year of the Three Sisters (2015)

Chew, Ruth
What the Witch Left (1973)

Clarke, Pauline
The Return of the Twelves (1962) ✪ F

Cleary, Beverly
Ellen Tebbits (1951)
Otis Spofford (1953)
Fifteen (1956)
The Luckiest Girl (1958)
Sister of the Bride (1963)
Dear Mr. Henshaw (1983) ☆
A Girl from Yamhill (1988)
Strider (1991)
My Own Two Feet (1995)

Cleaver, Vera and Bill
Ellen Grae (1967)
Where the Lilies Bloom (1969)

Clements, Andrew
The Landry News (1999)
The Last Holiday Concert (2004)
No Talking (2007)
Troublemaker (2011)

Clifford, Eth
Help, I'm a Prisoner in the Library! (1979)

Coatsworth, Elizabeth

Cole, Sheila R.
Meaning Well (1975)

Collicott, Sharleen
Mildred and Sam and Their Babies (2005)

Collier, James Lincoln and Christopher
My Brother Sam is Dead (1974) ★ H

Conford, Ellen
Felicia the Critic (1973)
To All My Fans, With Love from Sylvie (1982)

Constant, Alberta Wilson
Those Miller Girls! (1965) H
The Motoring Millers (1969) 
Does Anybody Care About Lou Emma Miller? (1979) H

Coolidge, Olivia
Men of Athens (1962) ★H

Cooper, Susan
The Dark is Rising (1973) ★ F

Craft, Jerry
New Kid (2019) ☆

Creech, Sharon
Walk Two Moons (1994) ☆

Cresswell, Helen
The Night Watchmen (1969) F

Curtis, Christopher Paul
The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963 (1995) ★ H
Bud Not Buddy (1999) ☆ H
The Madman of Piney Woods (2014) H

Cushman, Karen
Catherine, Called Birdy (1994) ★ H
The Midwife's Apprentice (1995) ☆ H

Czukas, Liz
Top Ten Clues You're Clueless (2014)

Dalgliesh, Alice
The Davenports Are at Dinner (1948)
The Davenports and Cherry Pie (1949)
The Bears on Hemlock Mountain (1952) ★ H
The Courage of Sarah Noble (1954) ★ H

Dana, Barbara
Zucchini (1982)

Danziger, Paula
This Place Has No Atmosphere (1986) F

de Angeli, Marguerite
Skippack School (1939) H
The Door in the Wall (1949) ☆ H

DeFelice, Cynthia
Weasel (1991) H

DeJong, Meindert
The Wheel on the School (1954) ☆
Far Out the Long Canal (1964)

dePaola, Tomie
26 Fairmount Avenue (1999) ★

de Trevino, Elizabeth Borton
I, Juan de Pareja (1965) ☆ H
Casilda of the Rising Moon: A Tale of Magic and of Faith, of Knights and a Saint in Medieval Spain (1967) H

DiCamillo, Kate
Flora and Ulysses (2013) ☆ F
Louisiana's Way Home (2018)
Beverly, Right Here (2019)

Dickinson, Peter
 A Bone from a Dry Sea (1992)

Dixon, Franklin W.
The Tower Treasure (1927)
The Tower Treasure (1959)

Dowell, Frances O'Roark
The Secret Language of Girls (2004)
The Kind of Friends We Used to Be (2009)

Drury, Roger W.
The Finches' Fabulous Furnace (1971)

duBois, William Pene
The Twenty-One Balloons (1947) ☆

Dubosarsky, Ursula
The Golden Day (2013)

Duncan, Lois
Debutante Hill (1957)

Durrell, Gerald
The Fantastic Flying Journey (1987) F

Eager, Edward
Half Magic (1954)

Edmonds, Walter D.
The Matchlock Gun (1941) ☆ H

Edwards, Julie Andrews
The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles (1974) F

Ende, Michael
Momo (1973) F
The Neverending Story (1979) F

Enright, Elizabeth
Thimble Summer (1938) ☆
The Saturdays (1941)
Ginger Pye (1951) ☆
Gone-Away Lake (1957) ★
Return to Gone-Away (1961)

Erdrich, Louise
The Birchbark House (1999) H
The Game of Silence (2005) H
The Porcupine Year (2008) H

Erwin, Vicki Berger
Jamie and the Mystery Quilt (1987)

Estes, Eleanor
The Moffats (1941) H
The Hundred Dresses (1944) ★
The Witch Family (1960) F

Farrant, Natasha
After Iris (2013)
Following Flora (2014)

Farrar, Josh
A Song for Bijou (2013)

Fenner, Phyllis R.
Our Library (1939)

Fenske, Jonathan
Love is in the Air (2012)

Field, Rachel
Hitty: Her First Hundred Years (1929)  
Calico Bush (1931) ★ H

Fine, Anne
The True Story of Christmas (2003)

Fink, Joseph

Fisher, Aileen and Olive Rabe
We Alcotts (1968)

Fisher, Dorothy Canfield
Understood Betsy (1916)

Fitzgerald, John D.
The Great Brain (1967) H

Fitzhugh, Louise
The Long Secret (1965)
Sport (1980)

Flack, Marjorie
Walter, the Lazy Mouse (1937)

Fleischman, Paul
Bull Run (1993) H

Fleischman, Sid
By the Great Horn Spoon! (1963) H
McBroom Tells the Truth (1966)
The Whipping Boy (1986) ☆ H
Bandit's Moon (1998) H

Fletcher, Susan
Shadow Spinner (1998) H

Flory, Jane
Ramshackle Roost (1972) H

Forbes, Esther
Johnny Tremain (1943) ☆ H

Fyson, J.G.
The Three Brothers of Ur (1964) H
The Journey of the Eldest Son (1965) H

Gaiman, Neil
The Graveyard Book (2008) ☆ ✪ F

Gaines, Ernest. J.
A Long Day in November (1971) H

Gannett, Ruth Stiles
My Father's Dragon (1948) ★ F

Gantos, Jack
Dead End in Norvelt (2011) ☆ H

Garner, Alan
The Owl Service (1967) ✪ F

Garfield, James B.
Follow My Leader (1957)

Garnett, Eve
The Family from One End Street (1937) ✪

Gates, Doris
Blue Willow (1940) ★ H

George, Jean Craighead
Julie of the Wolves (1972) ☆ 

George, Jessica Day
Tuesdays at the Castle (2011) F

George, Kallie
Clover's Luck (2015) F

Gidwitz, Adam
The Inquisitor's Tale (2016) ★F

Gilbreth, Frank Jr. and Ernestine
Cheaper by the Dozen (1948)

Glaser, Karina Yan
The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street (2017)
The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden (2018)

Godden, Rumer
The Story of Holly and Ivy (1958)

Goudey, Alice
Here Come the Elephants! (1955)

Goudge, Elizabeth
The Little White Horse (1946) ✪ F
I Saw Three Ships (1969)

Graff, Lisa
A Tangle of Knots (2013) F

Gray, Elizabeth Janet
Adam of the Road (1942) ☆ H

Greene, Constance C.
A Girl Called Al (1969)
I Know You, Al (1975)

Hamilton, Virginia
The House of Dies Drear (1968) H

Haywood, Carolyn
Eddie and Gardenia (1951)
Here Comes the Bus! (1963)

Head, Gay
First Love (1963)

Hendey, Lisa
The Secret of the Shamrock (2015)
The Sign of the Carved Cross (2015)

Henkes, Kevin
Margaret and Taylor (1983)
The Zebra Wall (1988)
Jessica (1989)
Wemberly Worried (2000)
Junonia (2011)

Henry, Marguerite
King of the Wind (1948) ☆ H

Hentoff, Nat
Jazz Country (1965)

Herbach, Geoff
Stupid Fast (2011)
Nothing Special (2012)
I'm with Stupid (2013)
Fat Boy vs. the Cheerleaders (2014)
Anything You Want (2016)
Hooper (2018)
Cracking the Bell (2019)

Hill, Kirkpatrick
Toughboy and Sister (1990) H
Bo at Ballard Creek (2013) H
Bo at Iditarod Creek (2014) H

Holm, Jennifer
Turtle in Paradise (2010) ★ H
Full of Beans (2016) H

Holman, Sheri
Sondok, Princess of the Moon and Stars (2002) H

House, Silas
Same Sun Here (2012)

Howe, James and Deborah
Bunnicula (1979) F

Hull, Katharine
The Far-Distant Oxus (1937)

Ibbotson, Eva
A Company of Swans (1985) H
Island of the Aunts (1999) F
The Dragonfly Pool (2008) H

Jacobson, Jennifer Richard 

Jones, Diana Wynne
Fire and Hemlock (1985) F

Juster, Norton
The Phantom Tollbooth (1961) F

Kasbarian, Lucine
The Greedy Sparrow (2011)

Keene, Carolyn
The Bungalow Mystery (1930)
The Password to Larkspur Lane (1933)

Keller, Tae

Kelly, Eric P.
The Trumpeter of Krakow (1928) ☆ H

Kelly, Erin Entrada
Hello, Universe (2017)  

Kendall, Carol
The Gammage Cup (1959) ★ F

Kephart, Beth
This is the Story of You (2016)
Wild Blues (2018)

Kim, Michelle
Running Through Sprinklers (2018)

Kittscher, Kristen
The Wig in the Window (2013)

Konigsburg, E.L.
(George) (1970)
About the B'nai Bagels (1971)
Altogether One at a Time (1971)
The Second Mrs. Gioconda (1975) H
Father's Arcane Daughter (1976)
Throwing Shadows (1979)

Kuskin, Karla

Lai, Thanhha
Inside Out and Back Again (2011) ★ H
Listen, Slowly (2015) H

Langton, Jane
The Diamond in the Window (1962) F
The Boyhood of Grace Jones (1972) H
The Fledgling  (1980) ★ F
The Fragile Flag (1984) F

Larson, Kirby
Hattie Big Sky (2006) ★ H

Lasky, Kathryn
The Last Girls of Pompeii (2007) H

Latham, Jean Lee
Carry On, Mr. Bowditch (1955) ☆ H

Laughlin, Florence
The Little Leftover Witch (1960) F

Law, Ingrid
Savvy (2008) ★ F

Lawrence, Caroline
The Thieves of Ostia (2004) H

Lawson, Robert
Rabbit Hill (1944) ☆ F
The Tough Winter (1954) F

LeGuin, Ursula K.
A Wizard of Earthsea (1968) F

L'Engle, Madeleine
Meet the Austins (1960)
A Wrinkle in Time (1962) ☆ F
The Moon by Night (1963)
The Arm of the Starfish (1965) F
The Young Unicorns (1968)
Dance in the Desert (1969)
A Wind in the Door (1973) F
A Swiftly Tilting Planet (1978) F
A Ring of Endless Light (1980) ★ F
The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas (1984)
Many Waters (1986) F
An Acceptable Time (1989) F
Troubling a Star (1994)

Lenski, Lois
Strawberry Girl (1945) ☆ H
The Prairie School (1951) H

Lester, Julius
Pharaoh's Daughter (2000) H

Levine, Gail Carson
Ella Enchanted (1997) ★ F

Lin, Grace
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (2009) ★ F

Lindbergh, Anne
The Worry Week (1985)

Lindgren, Astrid
Lotta on Troublemaker Street (1958)
Pippi Longstocking (1945)

Lisle, Janet Taylor
Afternoon of the Elves (1989) ★

Little, Jean
Different Dragons (1987)

Long, Laurel
The Twelve Days of Christmas (2011)

Lorenzi, Natalie Dias
Flying the Dragon (2012)

Lovelace, Maud Hart
Betsy-Tacy (1940)
Betsy, Tacy, and Tib (1941)
Betsy and Joe (1948)
Winona's Pony Cart (1953)
Betsy's Wedding (1955)

Lowry, Lois
Anastasia Krupnik (1978)
Anastasia Again (1981)
All About Sam (1988)
Number the Stars (1989) ☆ H

Lupica, Mike
No Slam Dunk (2018)

MacDonald, Betty
Nancy and Plum (1952)

MacDonald, George
The Princess and the Goblin (1872) F

Mackenzie, Sarah
The Read-Aloud Family (2018)

MacLachlan, Patricia
Sarah, Plain and Tall (1985) ☆ H

Mahy, Margaret
The Haunting (1982) ✪ F
The Other Side of Silence (1995)

Martin, Ann M.
Ten Kids, No Pets (1988)
Eleven Kids, One Summer (1991)
The Doll People (2000) and sequels (with Laura Godwin)
Rain Reign (2014)

Masefield, John
The Box of Delights (1935) F

Matson, Morgan
Save the Date (2018)

Maxwell, William
The Heavenly Tenants (1946) ☆ F

McCaughrean, Geraldine
The Kite Rider (2001) H

McGraw, Eloise Jarvis
The Golden Goblet (1961) ★ H

McKay, Hilary
Saffy's Angel (2001)
Lulu and the Duck in the Park (2012)
Lulu and the Dog from the Sea (2013)
Lulu and the Hedgehog in the Rain (2014)

McKinley, Robin

Meader, Stephen W.
Boy with a Pack (1939) ★ H

Medina, Meg
Merci Suarez Changes Gears (2018)  

Meigs, Cornelia
The Windy Hill (1921) ★ H
Invincible Louisa (1933) 

Merrill, Jean
The Toothpaste Millionaire (1972)

Milford, Kate
Greenglass House (2014) F
Ghosts of Greenglass House (2017) F

Miller, Olive Beaupre
A Picturesque Tale of Progress: Beginnings I (1957) H
A Picturesque Tale of Progress: Beginnings II (1957) H

Mills, Claudia
Fractions = Trouble (2011)
Kelsey Green, Reading Queen (2012)
Mason Dixon: Basketball Disasters (2012)
Izzy Barr, Running Star (2015)
Simon Ellis, Spelling Bee Champ (2015)

Montgomery, L.M.
Anne of Green Gables (1908)
Anne of Avonlea (1909)
Anne of the Island (1915)
Anne of Windy Poplars (1936)

Morris, Gerald
The Squire's Tale (1998) H

Murphy, Jill
The Worst Witch (1974) F

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
The Galloping Goat (1961)
Grasshoppers in the Soup (1965)
Knee-Deep in Ice Cream (1967)
Shiloh (1991) 

Nesbet, Anne
Cloud and Wallfish (2016) H

Nesbit, E.
The Railway Children (1906)
The Enchanted Castle (1907) F

Neville, Emily Cheney

Nordstrom, Ursula
The Secret Language (1960)

Norton, Mary
The Borrowers (1952) F

O'Connor, Sheila
Until Tomorrow, Mr. Marsworth (2018) H

O'Dell, Scott
The Captive (1979) H

O'Neal, Zibby
In Summer Light (1985)

Ormondroyd, Edward
Time at the Top (1963) F

Park, Linda Sue
A Single Shard (2001) ☆ H
The Kite Fighters (2002) H
Keeping Score (2008) H

Parr, Maria
Adventures with Waffles (2015)
Astrid the Unstoppable (2018)

Paterson, Katherine
The Master Puppeteer (1975) H
The Bridge to Terabithia (1977) ☆
The Great Gilly Hopkins (1978) ★
Jacob Have I Loved (1980) ★ H
Gates of Excellence: On Reading and Writing Books for Children (1981)
Come Sing, Jimmy Jo (1985)
Park's Quest (1988)
Lyddie (1991) H
Flip-Flop Girl (1994)
Jip: His Story (1996) H

Patron, Susan
The Higher Power of Lucky (2006) ☆
Lucky Breaks (2009)
Lucky for Good (2011)

Paul, Pamela and Maria Russo
How to Raise a Reader (2019)

Paulsen, Gary
Mr. Tucket (1994) H

Pearce, Philippa
The Minnow Leads to Treasure (1955)
Tom's Midnight Garden (1958) ✪ F

Perkins, Lynne Rae

Perkins, Mitali

Perl, Lila
Me and Fat Glenda (1974)
The Telltale Summer of Tina C. (1975)

Petersham, Maud and Miska
Story of the Presidents of the United States of America (1953)

Petro-Roy, Jen
P.S. I Miss You (2018)

Petruck, Rebecca
Steering Toward Normal (2014)

Philbrick, Rodman
The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg (2009) ★ H

Plummer, Louise
The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman (1995)

Pope, Elizabeth Marie
The Perilous Gard (1974) ★F
The Sherwood Ring (1958) F

Rankin, Carroll Watson
Dandelion Cottage (1904)

Ransome, Arthur
Swallows and Amazons (1930)
Swallowdale (1931)
Peter Duck (1932)
The Coot Club (1934)
Pigeon Post (1936) ✪
Secret Water (1939)
The Big Six (1940)
Missee Lee (1941)

Raskin, Ellen
The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon (I Mean Noel) (1971)
The Tattooed Potato and Other Clues (1975)
The Westing Game (1978) ☆

Reynolds, Jason
Ghost (2016)
Patina (2017)
Sunny (2018)
Lu (2018)
Look Both Ways (2019)

Richter, Conrad
The Light in the Forest (1953) H

Roberts, Willo Davis
The View from the Cherry Tree (1975)
What Could Go Wrong? (1989)

Robertson, Keith
The Crow and the Castle (1957)
Henry Reed, Inc. (1958)
Henry Reed's Journey (1963)

Robinson, Barbara
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (1972)

Robinson, Joan G.
When Marnie Was There (1967) F

Robinson, Mabel
Juvenile Story Writing (1922)
Bright Island (1937) ★
Writing for Young People (1950)
Strong Wings (1951)

Rocklin, Joanne
One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street (2011)

Rockwell, Thomas
How to Eat Fried Worms (1973)

Russ, Lavinia
Over the Hills and Far Away (1968) H

Rylant, Cynthia
A Fine White Dust (1986)
Missing May (1992) ☆
Rosetown (2018)
Rosetown Summer (2021)

Sachs, Marilyn
Amy Moves In (1965) H
Amy and Laura (1966) H
Veronica Ganz (1968) H
Laura's Luck (1970) H

Sauer, Julia
Fog Magic (1943) ★ F
The Light at Tern Rock (1951) ★ H

Sawyer, Ruth
Roller Skates (1936) ☆ H

Schlitz, Laura Amy
Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! (2007) ☆ H

Schmidt, Gary D.
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy (2004) ★ H
The Wednesday Wars (2007) ★ H
Okay For Now (2011) H
Pay Attention, Carter Jones (2019)
Just Like That (2021)

Seabrooke, Brenda
Judy Scuppernong (1990)

Selden, George
The Cricket in Times Square (1960) ★ F

Sendak, Maurice
Alligators All Around (1962)
Chicken Soup with Rice (1962)
One Was Johnny (1962)
Pierre (1962)
Seredy, Kate
The Good Master (1935) ★ H
Listening (1936)
The White Stag (1937) ☆ H
The Singing Tree (1939) ★ H
A Tree for Peter (1941) 
The Open Gate (1943) H
The Chestry Oak (1948) H

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman
51 Sycamore Street (1971)

Sharp, Margery
The Rescuers (1959) F

Shofner, Corabel
Almost Paradise (2017)

Smith, Jennifer E.
The Geography of You and Me (2014)

Snedeker, Caroline Dale
Downright Dencey (1927) ★ H

Snyder, Laurel

Snyder, Zilpha Keatley
The Egypt Game (1967) ★
The Gypsy Game (1997)

Sobol, Donald
Angie's First Case (1981)

Sorenson, Virginia
Miracles on Maple Hill (1956) ☆

Southall, Ivan

Speare, Elizabeth George
The Witch of Blackbird Pond (1958) ☆ H
The Bronze Bow (1961) ☆ H

Sperry, Armstrong
Call it Courage (1940) ☆ H

Spiegelman, Nadja
Lost in NYC (2015)

Springer, Nancy
I Am Mordred (1998) H

Springstubb, Tricia
What Happened on Fox Street (2010)
Mo Wren, Lost and Found (2011)
Moonpenny Island (2015)
Cody and the Mysteries of the Universe (2016)
Cody and the Rules of Life (2017)
Cody and the Heart of a Champion (2018)

Spykman, E.C.
A Lemon and a Star (1955) H

Stead, Rebecca
Liar and Spy (2012)
Goodbye Stranger (2015)

Stevens, Robin
Jolly Foul Play (2018)
Mistletoe and Murder (2018)

Stewart, Trenton Lee 
The Mysterious Benedict Society (2018)

Stolz, Mary
Noonday Friends (1965) ★

Streatfeild, Noel
Ballet Shoes (1936)
Theater Shoes (1944)
Dancing Shoes (1957)
The Magic Summer (1966)

Stroud, Jonathan
The Amulet of Samarkand (2003) F

Sutton, Roger and Martha V. Parravano
A Family of Readers (2011)

Taylor, Mildred D.
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (1976) ☆H

Taylor, Sydney
All-of-a-Kind Family (1951) H

Tiffany, John
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (2016) F

Tolkien, J.R.R.
The Hobbit (1937) F

Toney, Cynthia T.

Trease, Gregory
No Boats on Bannermere (1949)
Under Black Banner (1951)
Black Banner Abroad (1954)

Treece, Henry
The Dream Time (1967)

Trevor, Meriol
The Other Side of the Moon (1957) F
Sun Slower, Sun Faster (1957) F
The Sparrow Child (1958)
The Rose Round (1963) F

Turnage, Sheila
Three Times Lucky (2012) ★

Turner, Megan Whalen
The Thief (1996) ★ F

Unnerstad, Edith
The Spettecake Holiday (1958)

Vanderpool, Clare
Moon Over Manifest (2010) ☆ H

van Stockum, Hilda
A Day on Skates (1934) ★ H
The Cottage at Bantry Bay (1938)
Francie on the Run (1939)
The Mitchells (1945)
Canadian Summer (1948)
King Oberon's Forest (1957) F
Friendly Gables (1958)
The Winged Watchman (1962) H

Verney, John
Friday's Tunnel (1959)

Walker, Melissa
Let's Pretend We Never Met (2017)
Why Can't I Be You (2018)

Wallace, Barbara Brooks
Peppermints in the Parlor (1980)

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Beany Malone (1948)

Wells, Rosemary
Max and Ruby and Twin Trouble (2019)

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The Happy Hollisters (1953)

White, Anne Terry
Three Children and Shakespeare (1938)

Wiggin, Kate Douglas
The Birds' Christmas Carol (1886)
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1903)

Wiles, Deborah
A Long Line of Cakes (2018)

Wilson, Jacqueline
The Story of Tracy Beaker (1991) ✪

Wolk, Lauren
Beyond the Bright Sea (2017) H

Wright, Betty Ren
The Summer of Mrs. MacGregor (1986)

Yang, Kelly
Front Desk (2018) H

Yates, Elizabeth
Amos Fortune, Free Man (1950) ☆ H

Yelchin, Eugene
Breaking Stalin's Nose (2011) ★ H
The Genius Under the Table (2021)

Yep, Laurence
Dream Soul (2000) H

York, Carol Beach
Good Charlotte (1969)

Young, Miriam
The Witch Mobile (1969)
Zolotow, Charlotte
Do You Know What I'll Do? (1958)
I Know a Lady (1984)
William's Doll (1972)