Sunday, December 3, 2017

Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge 2018

I am once again hosting the Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge in 2018!

Here is how to participate this year:
  1. Set a goal for the number of "old school" children's books you want to read in 2018.
  2. Comment to this post with your goal number and a link to wherever you will post about the books you read (your blog, a Goodreads shelf, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  3. Check in at the end of each month with a list of what you've read and links to any reviews you have posted.
  • A book is considered "old school" if it was published in the decade of your birth or before. 
  • There are no monthly themes this year - read whatever you like! 
  • You can join the challenge at any time during the year. 
  • When you post on social media, tag your posts with #OldSchoolKidlit2018
  • Help promote the challenge by sharing it with your friends!  
Monthly Link-ups:


  1. I'm joining again, even though I didn't do so hot last year. LOL! I am hoping that the no categories will make it easier! Thanks again for hosting

  2. My goal is 42 books. I'll keep an ongoing list on my sign-up post:

  3. I will join :) My goal will be 3

  4. I'm in! My goal is 12 books (one per month). I'm double-dipping on this one with the Newbery Challenge and reading some classic Newbery Winners and Honor books. I've put up a tentative list of titles on my blog:

  5. Starting my goal with 3, but could be more. I will be putting my books read on my good reads shelf.

  6. My goal is at least ten books:

  7. Only going for 6, but I'm going for traditional Children's classics!

  8. Going for 6 using the themes from last year (I did not get close to anywhere near completion last year)...

  9. My sign-up post is here. I'm aiming for 10 books written before 1980. Fun challenge!

  10. Thank you for hosting this challenge. I'd like to read at least 6 of the 14 books listed here:

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