The Reading Life

My Reading Life 

Each year, I set a series of reading goals for myself. My goals for the current year are coming soon. I track my reading challenges for the year on the Challenges page.
I post monthly updates of my personal reading and my family's reading in the Read-At-Home Mom Report.

My children's reading material is also covered in my Homeschool Updates.

Articles About Reading 

These are my writings about various aspects of the reading life published on this blog.

Books of the Year

These are my lists of favorite books of the year since starting this blog.

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  1. Reading is a fulfilling, and nourishing experience for kids as their young minds capture and grasp information very easily. That’s why it’s a good idea to start reading to the child as early as possible. There is the possibility that kids may not understand what you are reading. However, they will surely enjoy reader's changing facial expressions, voice and the rhythm of the words as one reads aloud to them. Beside a funful activity, reading also helps in brain development, pick up language skills, Develops the child’s communication skills, increases concentration, improves the attention span and at the same time makes them more imaginative. Thanks for sharing such rich reading resources for parents and kids.