Monday, December 12, 2016

Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge 2017

Announcing the Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge!

About the Challenge

I am hosting the Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge to encourage bloggers and other kidlit enthusiasts (including myself) to read and review more children's books of the past. In general, a book will be considered "old school"  if it was published in the decade of your birth or before. 

How to Participate

Each month, the challenge will focus on a different category. Choose a book that fits the category, read it, and then post a review on your blog or wherever you review books (Goodreads, LibraryThing, Instagram, etc.). At the end of each month, link up your reviews here at Read-at-Home Mom. (Link-up posts will be published on the last weekday of the month.) 

The monthly categories are as follows:
(Links are to monthly link-up posts.) 
  • January: Award winners 
  • February: Books you loved in childhood 
  • March: Published prior to 1945 
  • April: Fantasy stories 
  • May: Animal stories 
  • June: Required reading (classics or other books typically assigned in school) 
  • July:  Family stories 
  • August: Nonfiction  
  • September: School stories 
  • October:  Mysteries 
  • November: Published in the year (or decade) of your birth 
  • December: Winter stories 

How to Sign Up 

To help me gauge the level of interest in this challenge, please sign up by commenting below with your name and a link to your blog or other review site. Signing up does not commit you to any particular level of participation. You are free to post every month, or to jump in and out as suits your schedule and reading interests.

Social Media

If you post about the challenge on Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #oldschoolkidlit2017. As I read your posts each month, I may also share them on my Facebook page, Read-at-Home Mom, or on Twitter @mrskatiefitz.


  1. I'm interested in trying to do this a couple of times over the coming year.

  2. I am definitely interested in joining but will need a couple of days to write up a post on my blog! Will visit again with my link on the weekend.

  3. I would be interested in joining the fun.

  4. I am definitely interested in this. It isn't always easy to read older books while trying to keep up with new releases, so this reading challenge should be fun.

  5. I love this idea!! :) Will definitely try!

  6. Yep--I'm in! Will try to share on my blog sometime this month. :-)

  7. This sounds fun. I will have to make a note of it and come up with a list of books I can share an illustration from on IG @oneaponceatime

    1. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  8. I'd like to give this a shot- I've only been blogging about six weeks now, so I'm still learning, but this sounds fun.

  9. Yes, definitely! I will do them as read-alouds to my younger daughter, thanks.

  10. I am interested. I love to read, but am not as proficient with reviewing and blogging.

    Candy Bowe

  11. Reviewing is new to me so this is really a double challenge but I am excited to try this out :)

    I'll be blogging on wordpress at

  12. What a great idea. I'm in!

  13. I am in; love kidlit and have an initial signup post here -
    My roster will be ready in a couple of days. Thanks for hosting

  14. I'm a little late, but this definitely sounds like something I'm interested in :)

  15. I'd like to participate! Allison Lalli.

  16. I'd love to take part, even though I am joining in late! I blog over at