Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Homeschool Update: Week of 3/7/22

Lent Activities

Each day, we added a Jesus tree ornament to our clothesline display, prayed a decade of the Rosary, read a quote from a saint, colored a square on our Lenten path, and watched a meditation from Brother Francis. We sang "Parce Domine," "Stabat Mater," and "Ave Regina Caelorum." 

Morning Time 

Poems: From Favorite Poems Old and New, edited by Helen Ferris (Doubleday Books, 1957), I read aloud "The Brook" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, "The Leak in the Dike" by Phoebe Cary, and "The Dorchester Giant" by Oliver Wendell Holmes. 

Singing: Our song was "The Darby Ram. "

Art appreciation: From The Vatican Art Deck by Anja Grebe. we looked at The Holy Trinity by Lodovico Carracci and Crucifixion by Tommaso Masolino da Panicale.


C. and I continued reading Black Ships Before Troy by Rosemary Sutcliffe. From Builders of the Old World, we read "Growing Up in Sparta and Athens" and "The Gods of the Greeks." She started reading Our Little Athenian Cousin of Long Ago on her own.

In George Washington's World, M. read: 

  • Victory for the Third Estate
  • To the Bastille
  • Off With the Baker to Paris
  • America and the Key to the Bastille
  • The Cotton Gin

She also read The Great Little Madison by Jean Fritz and Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and the French Revolution by Nancy Plain, and started The Man Who Counted by Malba Tahan. 


We started BFSU Lesson B-10, Plant Science I: Basic Plant Structure. M., C., and E. competed a Plant Scavenger Hunt I found online from Nature Conservancy Canada. M. and C. each filled out a diagram of simple plant anatomy from Enchanted Learning 

They also watched a few episodes of The Private Life of Plants from the BBC, along with these videos: 


At lunch, we started reading aloud The Golden Name Day by Jennie Lindquist. M. and C. also started reading it aloud to Gran on Skype. 

E. and I started reading the Beatrix Potter books. She colored pictures in her Beatrix Potter coloring book to accompany the stories we read.

C. started reading the Magical Animal Adoption Agency series. She also started Freddy and his Cousin Weedly by Walter R. Brooks. 

M. worked on Rex Barks Exercise 2-5.

E. continued reading easy readers.

Physical Education

M., C., and E. rode bikes and played on the playground on all the nice days.

Instrumental Music

M., C., and E. practiced piano daily. M. and C. practiced recorder daily. 

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