Thursday, June 1, 2017

3 Fun Ways to Connect with the Online Book Community

Armchair Book Expo's second topic for today is about collaborating and connecting with the online book community. As I have drifted away from the library world, I have really enjoyed finding new and different ways to connect with like-minded book lovers. Here are three of the fun ways I have discovered new connections.

First Line Monday

Every Monday, the members of this Facebook group post the first line of whatever they are currently reading. Many different genres and types of books are represented, and it's a great way to learn about new titles that would otherwise not be on my radar. Because it has such a specific focus, and we only post once a week, the group is very relaxed and friendly, and completely free of spam and unpleasant arguments. Even if I don't have a line to share, I always pop in to see what everyone else is reading.

Tuesday Night Book Loving Mamas Chat 

Every Tuesday night on Instagram, a group of book loving moms, led by @buildingliteracywithbooks, post a series of questions related to reading. Participants hop from one account to the next answering questions until they complete the loop. I've only answered the questions twice now, but everyone has been so welcoming, and it's been a fun way to see how other moms use books with their kids.

Bout of Books

This is a read-a-thon that happens three times a year. I've participated 5 times, and even though I'm often one of the only children's book bloggers, it's a great motivator for getting reading done. There are usually two chats during the week, which is a great way to meet people, and the atmosphere of the read-a-thon is very relaxed and fun. Sometimes I read a lot, and sometimes only a little, but I always enjoy it.


  1. Those are all new to me. Thank you for sharing. Armchair Book Expo day 2: What do readers want? and Collaboration

  2. I do #FirstLineFridays. Cool! And I keep wanting to do Bout Of Books. I need to check in to that. Thanks!

    Armchair BEA Cafinated Reads Day 2

  3. What fun ways to get more involved! I've seen the first lines thing in one of my book groups, but I never had my book nearby when I see the post! I'll have to keep a better eye on it!