Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May Link-Up: Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge 2017 (Animal Stories)

Today marks the end of the fifth month of the Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge, which focused on Animal Stories.

I read two books for the challenge this month:

If you reviewed or otherwise posted about an "Old School" animal book from the decade of your birth or before, please leave a comment below with a link so other participants can see what you read. Thanks!


  1. For this challenge, I chose Bambi: A Life in the Woods (1923) by Felix Salten, but I also read The Cricket in Times Square (1960) by George Selden, Along Came a Dog (1958) by Meindert DeJong, C Is for Cupcake (1974) by Carolyn Haywood, and Grandmother Cat and the Hermit (1970) by Elizabeth Coatsworth.



  2. Those are both books I've enjoyed! I did not quite finish "Just So Stories" because after I started reading it, I decided to read them aloud to my kids and that slowed me down. I also started (very late) and did not finish Kipling's "The Jungle Books" - an illustrated version by Tibor Gergely which is much more appealing than my plain paperback edition. @oneaponceatime