Betsy Byars Books

Books Read

  1. After the Goat Man, illustrated by Ronald Himler
  2. The Animal, the Vegetable, and John D. Jones, illustrated by Ruth Sanderson 
  3. Ant Plays Bear 
  4. Beans on the Roof, illustrated by Melodye Rosales
  5. Bingo Brown and the Language of Love, illustrated by Cathy Bobak
  6. Bingo Brown, Gypsy Lover
  7. Bingo Brown's Guide to Romance 
  8. The Black Tower
  9. A Blossom Promise, illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers
  10. The Blossoms and the Green Phantom, illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers
  11. The Blossoms Meet the Vulture Lady, illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers
  12. Boo's Surprise 
  13. The Burning Questions of Bingo Brown, illustrated by Cathy Bobak
  14. The Cartoonist
  15. Clementine
  16. Cracker Jackson
  17. The Cybil War, illustrated by Gail Owens
  18. The Dark Stairs 
  19. Dead Letter
  20. Death's Door
  21. Disappearing Acts
  22. The 18th Emergency
  23. The Glory Girl
  24. The Golly Sisters Go West, illustrated by Sue Truesdale
  25. Goodbye, Chicken Little
  26. King of Murder
  27. McMummy 
  28. My Brother, Ant, illustrated by Marc Simont
  29. The Night Swimmers, illustrated by Troy Howell
  30. The Not-Just-Anybody Family, illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers
  31. The Pinballs
  32. The Summer of the Swans
  33. Tarot Says Beware 
  34. Wanted ... Mud Blossom

Books To Read

  1. A Bean Birthday
  2. Boo's Dinosaur
  3. Cat Diaries
  4. Coast to Coast (OpenLibrary)
  5. The Computer Nut, illustrated by Guy Byars (OpenLibrary)
  6. The Dancing Camel, illustrated by Harold Berson (OpenLibrary
  7. Domino 
  8. The Golly Sisters Ride Again, illustrated by Sue Truesdale (own)
  9. Go and Hush the Baby, illustrated by Emily A. McCully
  10. The Groober 
  11. Hooray for the Golly Sisters, illustrated by Sue Truesdale (own)
  12. The House of Wings, illustrated by Daniel Schwartz (OpenLibrary)
  13. The Joy Boys, illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz
  14. The Keeper of the Doves (OpenLibrary)
  15. The Lace Snail
  16. Little Horse, illustrated by David McPhail
  17. Little Horse on His Own (OpenLibrary)
  18. Me Tarzan
  19. The Midnight Fox, illustrated by Ann Grifalconi (OpenLibrary)
  20. The Moon and I (OpenLibrary)
  21. My Dog, My Hero, illustrated by Loren Long (OpenLibrary)
  22. Rama, the Gypsy Cat, illustrated by Peggy Bacon, (OpenLibrary
  23. The Seven Treasure Hunts
  24. The SOS File (OpenLibrary)
  25. Tornado (OpenLibrary)
  26. Trouble River, illustrated by Rocco Negri (OpenLibrary)
  27. The TV Kid, illustrated by Richard Cuffari (OpenLibrary)
  28. The Two-Thousand-Pound Goldfish
  29. The Winged Colt of Casa Mia, illustrated by Richard Cuffari (OpenLibrary)

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