Sunday, September 11, 2022

Homeschool Update: July/August 2022

We have started the new school year, and I'll be posting about that at the end of this month, but in the meantime, here is a round-up of what we did during our summer session. 

Poetry & Art Appreciation 

We continued reading Talking to the Sun: An Illustrated Anthology of Poems for Young People selected and introduced by Kenneth Koch and Kate Farrell, and finished the entire book. 


The girls practiced singing most Friday nights this summer. 


M. diagrammed a sentence from Rex Barks every day all summer. C. started taking one sentence per day and identifying its parts of speech.


The girls watched all the remaining episodes of Eyewitness. 


M. continued working on history through the summer. She covered from 1865  to around 1900, using a variety of sources.   


Math also continued all summer. M. worked on Challenging Word Problems 3 and C. worked on Singapore Primary Mathematics 2B. E. learned to count to 100 on the soroban. 


M. drew illustrations of various historical figures to accompany narrations. All three girls made birthday cards for Daddy and for a friend with a summer birthday. M. also did lots of drawing on her own. 

Physical Education 

The girls went to the pool almost every week, took walks, rode bikes, and went to playgrounds.

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