Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Homeschool Update: Week of 2/28/22

Mardi Gras

On Tuesday, we made Mardi Gras masks and listened to Carnival music. We also colored and "buried" the Alleluia. 


We started the Jesus tree devotion on Wednesday. We also prayed a decade of the Rosary every day starting on Wednesday and watched the daily Lenten meditations from Brother Francis on Formed. We practiced singing Stabat Mater, Parce Domine, and Ave Regina Caelorum. 

Morning Time 

Poems: From Favorite Poems Old and New, edited by Helen Ferris (Doubleday Books, 1957), I read aloud "Cradle Song" by Sarojini Naidu, "The Railroad Cars are Coming," "Daffodils" by William Wordsworth, and "What Do We Plant?" by Henry Abbey.

Singing: We continued to practice singing  "Raggle Taggle Gypsies Oh!"

Art appreciation: From The Vatican Art Deck by Anja Grebe. we looked at Pieta by Lucas Cranach the Elder. From Tell Me a Picture by Quentin Blake, we looked at Saint George and the Dragon by Paolo Uccello, a painting from Ernest est Malade by Gabrielle Vincent, and a painting from Bats in the Belfry by Jozef Wilkon. 


C. and I abandoned the Golden book ediition of the Iliad and the Odyssey because she wasn't enjoying it and switched to Black Ships Before Troy by Rosemary Sutcliff. From Builders of the Old World, we read "The City-States of Hellas" and "Greek Homes and Farms." Independently, C. read Our Little Spartan Cousin of Long Ago.

In George Washington's World, M. read: 
  • Back to His Good Land
  • Lonely Thomas Jefferson at Monticello
  • Aviation Is Born
  • The Marriage of Figaro
  • Three Americans Meet In France
  • Rousseau and Silver Sheep Shears
  • John Adams and George III
  • Hisses for Marie Antoinette
  • Old Frederick's Last Review 
  • Catherine's Turkish Fairy Tale
  • The Assembly of the Notables
  • The Not-Yet-United States
  • The Constitution
  • Mr. President


We started BFSU Lesson B-10 Plant Science I - Basic Plant Structure and Reproduction and watched Parts of a Plant and Eyewitness: Plant


C. and I finished Follow My Leader. M. and I read the chapter about breasts and bras in The Body Book for Younger Girls.


At lunch, we read aloud The Cabin Faced West by Jean Fritz. 

M. read Boy King by David Belbin and The Thieves of Pudding Lane by Jonathan Eyers.

E. read more easy readers.

M. and C. worked on writing some original stories. 

Physical Education

M., C., and E. rode bikes whenever the weather was nice enough. 

Instrumental Music

M., C., and E. practiced piano daily. M. and C. practiced recorder daily. 

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