Tuesday, September 4, 2018

TV Shows I Use for Background Noise

I do a little bit of freelance proofreading for a crossword puzzle publisher. The work is pretty tedious at times, so while I would like to listen to audiobooks while I test-solve puzzles, sometimes I just can't focus enough on the book to make it worthwhile. Therefore, proofreading time is often when I watch shows on Hulu and Netflix. Since we don't have cable (or a TV), I often save up episodes of shows I want to keep up with so that I have them when a proofreading set arrives, or I watch older shows that I missed when they aired. For Top Ten Tuesday's Bingeworthy TV Shows topic, here's a sampling of what I typically watch.

  • Catfish: The TV Show (Hulu)
    I got into this show recently, just before Max Joseph announced he was leaving. I have to admit that the repetition from episode to episode is getting old now that I've watched 5 seasons, but the formulaic nature of it makes it very easy to follow even when I'm not fully paying attention. And I enjoy the friendship between Nev and Max, and will be sad to see that end. 
  • Frasier (Netflix)
    I am almost done with this show. I like it because it's set in the 90s and makes me nostalgic. The humor is also really smart, and most of the jokes are wordplay so I don't have to be looking at the screen constantly to appreciate them. I also love the romance between Niles and Daphne. I wish there were newer sitcoms that were as good as this one. 
  • Law and Order: SVU (Hulu)
    I have seen every episode of this show and though I miss Chris Meloni as Stabler, I think the show has done a great job of reinventing itself since his departure. I am not so devoted to this show that I watch every episode as it airs, but I do tend to catch up once a month or so. (And if Alex Cabot is ever on, or Robert Sean Leonard guest stars, I drop everything and watch that episode!) This is another one where dialogue often carries the plot so I can listen without having to see every scene. 
  • Chicago Med (Hulu)
    In theory, I like the concept of "One Chicago," but this is the only show from the franchise I've gotten into and been able to stick with. I especially love Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese. 
  • E.R. (Hulu)
    This past winter, I watched the first two seasons of E.R. in about two months' time. Then I got burned out and took a break. The writing and characterization are so great, though, that I plan to pick it back up again soon.

  • The Staircase (Netflix)
    This is a true crime documentary about an author who is accused of killing his wife by pushing her down the stairs. It's one of those stories with twists and turns where you're never quite sure if he is innocent or not. I checked it out on a whim one day and immediately binge-watched the whole thing. 
  • A Crime to Remember (Hulu)
    This show, which airs on Investigation Discovery, is a documentary series with dramatic reenactments of scenes from real-life crimes. I have watched almost every available episode, but I have lost interest as other shows have appealed to me more. 
  • Criminal Minds (Netflix)
    I am currently caught up on all the episodes that are available on Netflix, but I suspect season 13 will be available soon, at which point I will start watching again. This show can be scary, so I like only half-focusing on the details of what is going on. 
  • Stranger Things (Netflix)
    I started out watching this in the background, but got so sucked into it that I wound up starting it over and watching it with my husband. We are caught up and will definitely jump back in when the next season comes out. 
  • This is Us (Hulu)
    Finally, I'm including this show because it's the only new show I watch every week. I can't watch it when it airs, but to avoid being spoiled by postings on social media, I try to get to it the next day at lunch time before spending much time on Facebook. I typically don't proofread while I'm watching this one because I want to give it my full attention, and often I need to cry at least once an episode. 
Do you watch any of these shows? What other shows should I watch when I'm done with these?


  1. Great list! I really need to watch Stranger Things!!!

    Here’s my TTT!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  2. I used to watch Fraiser when it was on originally and I loved it at the time. :)

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  3. I watch Catfish, too! Have you seen the spinoff about online trolls? I really liked it. I hope they bring it back.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!