2021 Reading Challenges

The Unread Shelf Project 

Monthly Challenges

A book with high expectations (January)
A book you got for free (February)
A book you bought on a trip (March)
A book bought from a used bookstore (April)
A book you bought as a new release (May)
A book bought in a spending spree (June)
A book bought for the cover (July)
A book from an independent bookstore (August)
A book you want to learn from (September)
A book you're secretly afraid of (October)
A book published before 2000 (November)
A book that reminds you of childhood (December)

Bonus Challenges

A book with more than 500 pages
An impulse buy
A book on your unread shelf longer than one year
A book by an author you've never read before 
A book you bought because of a recommendation
A book given to you that you didn't ask for
A book you got for a special occasion
A book from your favorite genre
A book bought because of the hype
A book from a Little Free Library
The unread book most recently acquired
A backlist title by an author with a newer release available

Modern Mrs. Darcy Challenge

Three Newbery Award winners
Three books that are the last/most recent in a series
Three books of more than 500 pages
Three books by the same author
Three audiobooks with the same narrator 
Three Catholic nonfiction books.
Three general nonfiction books.
Three books under 200 pages. 
Three books about books or reading.
Three books about writing. 
Three books published in 2020.
Three re-reads. 

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